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Mobile App Development

Full-stack native and cross-platform mobile applications

We create native and cross-platform mobile apps

for iOS and Android. Our experience across

multiple industries allows us to deliver

tailor-made solutions with a strategy

that will ensure your mobile app

succeeds on your budget, timeline,

and specific requirements.


Our developers can help you create

three types of mobile apps:

  • Native mobile apps written and natively

       supported by the device OS vendor.

  • Cross-platform mobile apps written to run

       on all the platforms.

  • Mobile web apps that are lightweight and opened in a browser, but look and feel like a regular mobile app

We select the right programming languages, frameworks, and SDKs when considering frontend (UI) and backend (server-side) development environments. Here are some of the tools we use:

  • Swift – Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad/macOS)

  • Kotlin – Google Android (Phone/Tablet)

  • Xcode – Apple development IDE (Integrated Development Kit)

  • Android Studio – Google Android development IDE (Integrated Development Kit)

  • React Native – mobile app framework to build native mobile apps

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