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Administration & Support  

Highly efficient service for

system administration.

In today's dynamic environment, businesses need to find ways to remain focused on their core competencies and business issues by reducing concerns and costs associated with system administration. Vedabi brings to the table people with the domain expertise to help customers define the requirements for an effective solution, and perform industry best practices.

  • Administration of day-to-day user management, access and security, and other various enterprise environments

  • Database design, implementation, optimization, large-scale data migration, database backup, and recovery

  • We ensure that servers and storage management devices are always up and running, or as per business requirements

  • We implement secure and reliable platforms that allow seamless access to the enterprise via remote access functions that cater to the tele-commuters and outside sales team

  • We provide network services for the administration and troubleshooting of network devices including routers, gateways, and firewalls

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